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[Download] Google Play Store Latest Version and see App Rankings


Google is one of the companies that is working really hard to bring new things constantly. It always releases updates for its products and now it came with some design changes for Google Play Store. More precisely, the organization has changed and users are able to see app ranking better than before. This means that app listings will come with the rank of that app. This is a great addition for people who want to get the best apps, without having to deal with some applications that are not really trust worthy.

You will only get the rankings for the apps that are in 10. They must be in the following charts: Top Free, Top Grossing, Top Paid and Trending. Some apps might have multiple rankings, but it appears that Google is using certain criteria in order to organize them.

A new section

Whenever you open the page of an app you will see some information about it, pictures and the install button. After this change you will be able to see a new section that is placed under the installed button. Here you can see whether the application is in a top chart. If it is you will be able to see its rank as well. Additionally, if you want to see the “Top Charts” for that app category, you can simply tap it.

This is a useful addition since you can instantly check the position of an app, and if you want another application that is similar to the previous one you can check the top chart and find one.

This feature is not available on all device yet, to Google is probably just testing it, but it will probably roll out on the other devices gradually.

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