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Guide to Clearing Mozilla Firefox Cache


What’s the primary purpose of the Mozilla Firefox cache, you may ask?

It enables faster loading time for web pages that you regularly visit because it saves those pages locally.

What happens when Firefox records a change on a particular online page or there are corrupted files? It will be one of the issues of Firefox cache because these scenarios will cause the web page to act and look weird.

So in order to prevent issues and solve any cache related problems, it becomes necessary to clear the cache in your Firefox browser.

It’s actually straightforward and will take a minute or two for you to complete the process. There are two ways to get it done, simply follow the instructions below.

For those who want automatic Mozilla Firefox cache clearing:

  1. From the Menu button at the upper right corner of the browser, click Options.
  2. Next, choose the Privacy and Security option.
  3. When you’re in the History section, click Firefox will and go to Use Custom Settings for History.
  4. Check the box for this setting Clear history when Firefox closes. Then from there, you can go to the Settings button with a new window opening where you can click on the Cache checkbox.
  5. Afterwards, click on the OK button so that the Settings for Clearing History window will close.

If you want a simpler way for this process, you can get add-ons from the Mozilla Add-Ons Web Page to set an icon on the toolbar which will perform faster.

For a one time process of clearing Mozilla Firefox cache:

  1. Go to the menu button again and click Options.
  2. Pick the panel on Privacy and Security.
  3. You will find in the section, Cached Web Content -> Clear Now

After that, you can close the page on about:preferences with automatic save settings for everything to take effect.

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