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Download the Best Explorer Apps for Windows 10


While the file explorer of Windows 10 is very capable, users have little details that they do not like about it. If you are one of those users, you should know that there are plenty of alternatives. Whether you are looking for something that is more touch-friendly and complex, or something that has a smoother design, there is something for you.

In this article, we will show you all the file explorers options that are available for Windows 10. If you were looking for a new file explorer here is where you can find one.

Files & Folders Pro

This app comes a nice design that is highly organizable. You can customise it any way you want and select your own background images and themes. If you feel like it, you can set the background image to change and use Bing’s image of the day every day.

However, it may take longer to switch between files since the app does not come with clear categories. You will have other tools such as Navigation in order to get the file categories. There are plenty of functions as well you can use it for the basic things such as copy and paste and launching EXE files.

Files & Folders Pro is available for $7.99.

Metro Commander Pro

This application is almost the same as Files &Folders Pro and they are even created by the same developer. Therefore, it comes with almost the same functions, but it is better if you want to have a two-column design. The price is the same.

Modern File Explorer 2

This one is cheaper, and it costs only $5.79. And it does its job in a great way. Files are divided by categories and you can add any shortcuts you want.

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