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[Download] Google Play Store Latest Update With New Tweaks


Google just released Play Store version 8.2.55, and this is the third update in the last few weeks. It looks like Google is interested in keeping its Play Store free of bugs, fixed and improved in performance and this is really cool. The company released the version 8.2.38 for the Google Play Store and then version 8.2.40 version was also released last week.

After more minor updates, this last one, version 8.2.55, may seem to be a more significant one, but it doesn’t bring anything impressive at least if we’re referring to the visual part of the Play Store.

Google Play Store APK 8.2.55 is available for download

This last update of the Play Store comes right after a day since another update was released, so, as you can see, Google is moving pretty fast. Such a release is quite odd and unusual, and it leads users to believe that it might have come to fix some security issues or some critical bugs. Otherwise, why would Google release one update after another in such a manner?

There isn’t any official information available regarding the update so we can’t possibly know what improvement it brings. We don’t know if it addressed any security issues or if version 8.2.55 fixes some previous bugs.

Either way, you should definitely get it because it’s always best to keep your Google Play Store updated to the latest version just to make sure that you’re taking advantage of all the bug fixes, new changes, and improvements sent by the company. Let’s not forget about the security updates that Google usually tends to send to its Play Store because these are vital.

The last major update the company rolled out for Play Store included new bottom navigation bars and a few changes in the interface. You are usually recommended to wait for the official release of an update, instead of downloading the APK files from the web, but if you’re okay with this process, you can do this as well.

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