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[Download] Google Play Store Latest Update Available Now


If you’re an Android user, you’re already used to how often Google updates the Google Play Store. The Google Play Store is Android’s very own online marketplace for apps, games, music, books and many other things. And speaking of its many updates, Google just put out another one. It’s a small one, but it does add some changes and improvements to the overall structure and functionality of the Google Play Store, so it’s an update worth discussing. Let’s begin.

What’s New

Before we discuss the new update, it is important to mention that it’s not available everywhere. If you want to get it, you can access a trusted APK mirror and download it from them. Trusted APK mirrors can be found on Android blogs or tech websites in general. Do not download from suspicious links or shoddy websites because the download might contain malware or other types of viruses.

Now let’s see what’s new with the Google Play Store. First of all, the app got an entirely new UI. It has a new tab view and a new App Size section that can be very helpful depending on what you need to know from the Google Play Store. Of course, there will be people that see this as a useless tweak of the Google Play Store’s user interface, but we think it’s just fine. Everyone has a right to their own thoughts and opinions on this.

So who might find this feature useful? Well, people that use their mobile devices on a data plan, for example. The app size section in the Google Play Store can help you maintain your data usage under wraps and not end up with a gigantic bill at the end of the month (or whenever your carrier charges you).

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