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Snapchat Glasses Updates, Technical Aspects and Effectiveness


If you spend a consistent amount of time on the internet then you probably know all about Snapchat, but are you familiar with the latest Snapchat glasses? The Snapchat glasses, or Snapchat Spectacles as they are called, are exactly what you would imagine they are. They’re a pair of glasses which have a built-in camera. This might seem like a waste of money to some but others are incredibly excited to get their hands on a pair. Many of those who have dismissed the gadget initially have also returned to tell the world just how much they enjoy the Spectacles.

They look funky

They’re not just your ordinary pair of glasses, the kind you would see Clark Kent wear to remain unnoticed. This pair will surely get you some attention, whether you like it or not. They have an intriguing twirly shape and they feature big, almost round lenses.  For those that are also looking for a new fashion statement, these glasses definitely do the trick.

What do they do, exactly?

Most of you are probably wondering what the main purpose of these glasses is. The glasses are equipped with a camera unit that is capable of recording 10-second videos. These videos are then sent over to the wearer’s Snapchat account. This is done through Bluetooth technology and it makes for a very simple and seamless transition from glasses to phone.

The technical aspect

From a purely technical perspective, the Spectacles are nothing to laugh at. They are indeed worthy of attention as they are the closest thing to wearable head-tech that has come around, despite the efforts of many tech giants to promote their own tech-lenses.  It might not be something incredibly complex, but it’s a device that serves its precise purpose very well and there’s really nothing to complain about on the technical side of things.

The social aspect

When you look at the glasses through a social lens, they are the world’s window to your life. Everyone that watches your videos can see life as you see it, through your eyes. For those that are in an almost symbiotic relationship with Snapchat, it’s the best thing ever invented. However there are also many that ask if it is really necessary to share every single moment of a person’s life. Many believe that some sense of privacy should still exist and be preserved. It’s a very fair point, as is often seems that social media is prying into people’s lives and nothing is private and personal anymore.

The effectiveness

As for the glasses and how well they serve their purpose, it’s safe to say that they do a very good job. That is of course, when there’s something to record. Often times users might feel kind of silly walking around with these goofy sunglasses, just waiting for something to happen in order to record it.


In conclusion, the Snapchat Spectacles are worth their money for those that are willing to walk with sunglasses on all day in hopes of something exciting happening. Otherwise, those that aren’t that big on sharing every detail of their lives on social media might not be so impressed.

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