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[Download] Google Play Services Update APK File Available with New Changes


After the Google team continuously updated their Google Play Store App, updated Google Photos and launched their Pixel 2, it’s time the Google Services App to get some changes and improvements. One of the most important APIs, Google Play Services was bound to receive some love aswell.

Is Google Services Important?

If you’ve been wondering why is this app so important, let’s see what it does.

Why is this app so important? Well, it’s the ‘guy’ behind all of the goodness in your Android phone. It’s the app that will handle your auto log-ins from your games, it will track scores, keep the cache data from the browsers, scores in multiplayer games and a lot more. It will help the Google Assistant to assist you even though you can’t get connected to the internet and, along with the GPS, it will also help you find your way with supporting Google Maps or other navigation services. So, even when you enter a game and it’s already logged in, then you have to thank Google PlayServices.

If by some mistake you have unistalled the Google Services App, then your apps will constantly crash. If you have it on your phone and are wondering if it has received the latest update, then don’t worry. It most surely is the latest version, as Google automatically updates their apps, if you’re running Android OS 4.0 or above.

So to answer to the previous question, if Google Services is an important app or not, you might have realized that the answer is YES. It is obvious that if you want your apps to work normally, then you must have Google Services installed on your mobile device.

The latest version was released on 3 October and it reached build number 11.4.2. It is a public beta release of a new database for mobile, web and server development. It’s called Cloud Firestore and it will sync all data across all apps, will support them in offline mode too, with no errors of issues when there is no network connection or when it has latency issues.

Google has launched more information on their Firebase blog, where you can find more about Cloud Firestorm.

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