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GTA Online: Aerial Dogfights and Faux-Batmobile Available


Grand Theft Auto V was released four years ago and it is still one of the most popular games out there. GTA online receives bonus content almost monthly and Rockstar Games studio still makes a lot of money (over 400 million dollars in Q2 2017). The soon to be released DLC for GTA Online has three additions which are sure to be very well received by fans.

Transform Racing feature

The new addition to the Stunt Racing feature sets up courses along the streets, harbors and skies of Los Santos for players who are able to use vehicles which transform to become appropriate for each road surface they traverse.

Condemned and Dogfight

The two new modes are new additions for next month’s DLC. Dogfight is a mode used for aerial combat, while Condemned mode makes the player a target until he/she manages to kill another and pass along their death sentence. This new mode will sure keep players busy and excited.

New extra vehicles

As usual, the new GTA Online bonus content comes with new vehicles. The new patch includes the Hunter attack helicopter which is painted with a P-40 shark mouth in Warhawk style and looks similar to an AH-64 Apache gunship. Other new vehicles are the Coil Cyclone, a high-speed supercar which will help player get super fast to all locations; and the Vigilantes apes, a superhero vehicle which will remind players of the Saturday morning cartoons and bring some feeling into the game.

It is unknown the exact date of the new DLC, however it is expected to be released by the end of October. The game is a huge success and its distributor declared recently that the GTA franchise registered 418.2milolion $ in net revenue in the last three months.

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