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[Download] Facebook Lite Beta APK Enhances Stability and Improves Loading Speed


Everybody knows what Facebook is because this is the most popular social media platform in the world. One of the reason behinds the app’s popularity is that it enables people to find and get in touch with anyone they want. Things don’t end there almost every company, business or even restaurant owns a Facebook page where they can interact with users.

However, Facebook is depended on internet and people who do not benefit from a good mobile data plan will have to deal with slow loading speeds. Fortunately, there is a Lite version of Facebook which has been specially designed to reduce data consumption and to even work in low 2G conditions.


Facebook Lite Beta

Just like the original Facebook app, the Lite version is also being constantly updated. Facebook Lite’s version number has been recently brought up to beta with a new APK update. Moreover, interested readers can download and manually install the update right now.

What’s New?

The update doesn’t bring any new features, but it does improve the app’s stability. The developers behind Facebook Lite are more focused on providing users with bug fixes and this is great news since no one likes when their app crashes.

We should also mention that Facebook Lite is not only more reliable but it’s also faster. Facebook Lite is optimized better now so that its able to load faster than ever, even with low internet networks such as 2G.

Staying Connected with Friends and Sharing Photos

Obviously, Facebook Lite’s key selling point is that it allows people to stay connected with their friends, relatives, co-workers and so on. However, Facebook Like is also a great place where people can share photos, videos and even their ideas through status updates.

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