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[Download] Google Play Services 11.5.17 Available Faster Offline Searches


Taking in consideration the fact that Google is one of the biggest tech companies in the world, no one should be surprised to know that the Android parent loves to provide all its apps with a constant stream of updates. Google Play Services is the latest app to be updated and it’s been brought up to the 11.5.17 build number.

Google Play Services 11.5.17 Version

The update can be downloaded right now from Google’s own Android APK official website. Moreover, the update is relatively big in size since it weighs in at 39.4MB and it is compatible with Android 6.0 (Marshmallow, API 23) OS or higher. Android fans are highly advised to download this APK update as soon as possible since it makes Google Play Services run smoother than normal and it contains a handful of useful features. We should also note fact that this update package can be found under the “” name.

New Features

The most important feature that the latest Google Play Services update brings is the ability to synchronize contacts. This feature has been long asked for by Android fans and it seems like Google finally delivered. Moreover, the updated version of Google Play Services also enables people to access their latest user privacy settings.

Enhanced App Experience

As everyone surely knows, Google puts a high price on user experience. This can be clearly seen in Google’s own Android operating system which is renowned for offering a high user experience. Nonetheless, people who update their Google Play Services app will soon find out that their offline searches are faster now.

Things get even better for Google Play Services fans since the app also provides more immersive maps and gaming experiences. Although, we need to mention the fact that apps will stop functioning if the updated version of Google Play Services is uninstalled.

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