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Gmail App: The Power of Gmail that Fits Your Pocket


Google throughout its fast ascent into the limelight of the tech industry has always been consistent in bringing out tools. These tools are not only useful to the public but are also considerably highly desirable for their high functionality points. And one of the tools that captured the hearts of Internet users is their free Gmail service.

Gmail has been a powerhouse when it comes to electronic mail delivery for free online. Their revolutionary way of organizing email conversations on a single thread has been found by a lot to be convenient and useful. Naturally as mobile users grew in number, Google also made a mobile app version for this tool and it has the same functionalities as that of their web browser or desktop version.

The Gmail app is available to all the major mobile platforms; Android, IOS, and Windows. Having the power of Gmail at your fingertips is definitely a win for the free email service provider.

The Gmail app view is like a compact view of their browser version and gives its users the power of Gmail wherever they may go.


Just last September 18, 2017, Google rolled out changes and updates to some of their online tools and one significant update was for the Gmail App. The update was a minor detail that has a very convenient effect.

Have you ever tried copying details like numbers, addresses, and other contact information from an email? Highlighting that text and careful not to copy extra letters or characters was definitely a hassle and somewhat a big time waster. With the new update you are no longer required to perform such a tedious task when wanting to copy contact information for use. Now you only have to click it to use it since Google made numbers, addresses, and other contact information clickable.

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