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[Download] Google Maps With New Features – Map Layers and Floating Action Buttons


Lately we’ve seen a lot of changes in Google Maps’ interface on the mobile device. You’ll now see a new bar situated at the bottom to show you directions or other information on places that surround you.

A new button has been added, abbreviated as FAB and meaning floating action button and it will allow you to switch between map layers.

You will find this button up in the right corner, and you’ll get to use it if you want to set layers for maps. You could select these controls in the navigation window but Google chose to move it on top of the app, as a shortcut to a relevant option.

The ‘Satellite & traffic’ shortcut is still in the navigation drawer, along with a notification showing that these layers were moved and guides users where it can be seen.

FAB is for Fabulous!

When you open the floating action button, you’ll see two types of controls: you can switch between different map types, such as satellite, default or terrain; and the other will show you information on traffic, transit and bicycle options.

As for full screen maps, the FABs will remain on the screen and other elements will disappear.

The FAB will help users with a lot of controls right from the front of the app, without making us go and search for it in the navigation drawer.

All in all, it’s a FABulous feature.

The floating action button with ‘Satellite & traffic’ options has been released last weekend in the updated v9.62.

Other Google Maps Features

The update features other options such as a new tab for videos that the community can upload and a few more improvements are bound to be released in another update.

The new videos tab can be seen in the photos screen so that users don’t miss them when they browse in the ‘All’ tab.

Other features include Notifications for questions in the area you are – turn them on or off, other new notification channels and commute channels and more.

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