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Windows 10 Upgrade Stuck? Here’s How To Solve It Yourself!


It is common to let alone Windows update when updating itself with minimal attention. However, it is uncommon to encounter Windows get stuck during the upgrade process. In fact, some users get stuck during activation and others upon installation.

Anyway, only a few people face issues like these when upgrading, which include several factors.

  • Hardware specification
  • Processor power
  • Available disk space
  • Read-write speed for hard disk
  • PC data volume required to be backed up
  • Speed of Internet connection

At some points, it is best just to wait before the computer responds. Your computer might look unresponsive, noisy, flickering, or flashing. So, all you need to do is to wait it out.

According to Microsoft, there are a few points when the upgrade process for Windows 10 would seem to hang.

  • When you are stuck at 30-39%, then the screen goes black with a blue circle, then it is best to wait. This is because Windows 10 is still downloading the dynamic updates for the operating system.
  • When you get stuck at 96%, the backing up of important data has been done by Windows 10.
  • You also need to wait when you receive the message: “It’s taking a bit longer than usual to set up your device, but it should be ready soon.”

Waiting for a while longer is necessary because sometimes the system needs a little more time to finish the installation. Sometimes it depends on your system settings and hardware specifications, which significantly cause the sluggish behavior of your computer.

If you continue to experience sluggishness of your computer when upgrading to Windows 10, try to disconnect any extended display cables or USB devices connected to your device. You will be surprised how it can speed up the process of downloading and upgrading significantly.

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