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[Download] Best Alternatives to Google Play Store


Google Play Store is the official store where you get apps, and it’s the recommended app from which users should download content for their smartphone. It’s the safest place and very populated, but not all apps are available on Google Play Store.

However, there are other Play Stores out there that are safe to download and install apps that you cannot find on the Google Play Store and you’ll see a list below with a few of them.


This app store is popular in Europe and will keep their users safe from malware and spyware. You can get all the apps you want for free from either the mobile app or from their website. It has classifications according to what you previously downloaded and sections with popular apps and games.

Amazon App Store – Underground

This is the place where you can get apps, watch videos and use amazon gift cards. You can get free apps from paid app giveaways that occur daily.


This Android app store will host millions of free apps and some that require payment. It has a minimalistic UI, has a ‘recommended’ list that is weekly and monthly updated, also showing the most popular or downloaded apps.


If you search anything related to Android, then this is the market for you. It’s a fast app store that will let you download and install apps in no time. You’ll only see free apps in this market and open-source software.


This app store is all about versatility as it will also show you apps, games and music – even ringtones, videos, all of them being free. Mobogenie is not an illegal store, it’s a great store that will promote stuff you’ve probably never heard of. You can get a Mobogenie for your PC in order to have it synced with your phone.

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