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Frequently Asked Questions About Honey Google Chrome Extension


One of the best web browsers available for download and use is the Google Chrome browser. Part of its popularity stems from the fact that the Chrome browser can extend its capabilities and exceed the functions of what a conventional browser can do through the use of add-ons and extensions. These programs are developed either by Google or third party developers and are the solutions to some of the problems we might encounter while surfing the Internet. A lot of these extensions are also created to extend and enhance the user experience in ways that are only limited to the whim and creativity of software developers.

One such amazing Google Chrome Extension is an extension called Honey. This extension has created waves not just on the Internet but on mainstream media as well. Time magazine even described the Honey chrome extension as, “It’s basically free money.”

Discount coupons being a big industry in countries like the United States, it makes sense that a service such as that of what Honey provides exists.

What does Honey Google Chrome Extension do?

Basically what Honey does is that it scours the Internet for coupon codes that you can use to earn a discount for a particular product you want to buy online.

Can I use the Honey Google Chrome Extension on Amazon?

Yes, Amazon supports what Honey does and allows you to apply the discount code for the product you are trying to purchase.

What products can I purchase with Amazon?

To name a few, big names like Nike, Gap, Expedia, and many more support the use of Honey to find coupon codes that can be used to apply discounts for the purchase of their products online. To view the list for all the brands that support Honey navigate to their website and scroll down at the bottom of the home page to find the complete and updated list.

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