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All about the July Sale of Google Play Store


The summer sale organized by Google for its Play Store virtual magazine is going to make fans spend some serious amounts of money. The July sale has discounts for almost everything from films, applications, games, TV shows, books and more.

Films and Tv Series

Films from Google’s catalog can now be rented for only 0.99$ and there are plenty of interesting options to choose from: Beauty and the Beast, Get Out etc. However, this deal is only available once for users to purchase once. After the first purchase, you have to pay the regular price for the next film you choose. If you are interested in renting films and seeing shows but you would not like to pay retail for this, then you mush browse through Google’s film Tv catalog and choose from there, you might even find 50% off on some of their films.

Games and Applications

Some of the games available for the July Sale are at a very good price, even 80% discount and some of them are also very popular among gamers: Call of Duty: Black Ops Zombies, Lara Craft Go, Final Fantasy Tactics and etc.

The apps which have subscription tiers, users can find up to 50% discount for one year. Some of the apps included are the New York Times, Memrise, NeuroNation and etc.

Books and Music

Discounts for books are up to 50, 80 %. Also if you make a subscription during the summer sale, Google Play Music can be used up to four months for free (10 $ a month at a regular price).

Other popular PC games market which hosts a summer sale is the Steam market. It also hosts fall, winter and spring sales. If you love gaming, then get ready to spend some money!

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