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Google’s Project Fi will also become compatible with the Moto X4 smartphone


Google’s Project Fi is your alternative to the traditional wireless plans for internet. For those interested in Project Fi, a basic plan costs around 20 $ and these Fi plans allow you to make unlimited calls and texts on domestic territory. It is compatible with 10GB of internet and you can cancel your subscription at any moment without paying a termination fee. What is the catch? Project Fi is so far only compatible with certain smart phones: Nexus 5, Nexus 6P, Pixel and Pixel L.

Moto X4 also compatible

Google has made efforts to add new smart phones on the list of devices compatible with Project Fi. The new addition is Lenovo’s Motorola X4.

The smart phone offers 4GB of RAM, 6GB internal memory, a 5.5-inch display, 3800 mAH battery. It has a Qualcomm Snapdragon 660 processor, the exterior is made out of aluminum and it has incorporated dual rear cameras.

The new smart phone to be released comes as a potential rival to the Pixel and Pixel XL smart phones, at least when it comes to its price.

How does the Project Fi work?

Google uses a combination between T-Mobile, Sprint and U.S Cellular and Three, making sure most of their clients have coverage. Also, this strategy allows Google to save money, since building a wireless network is extremely expensive. To keep tabs on the Project Fi options and benefits, you can read their twitters.

The different between Google’s phone carrier and other traditional companies is that you pay at the beginning of the month for a certain plan with calls, texts and internet, instead of receiving at the end of the month a bill. For many this offer is better because you know for sure how much money you are spending on this each month.

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