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Windows 10 Will Roll Out a Major Photos App Update


With the Windows 10 Fall Creators Update getting closer, we start seeing some new features added to the existing Windows apps. This time the Photos App gets a nice update that was announced in the summer and it’s now released to the users that have the Creators Update.

The new version for the Photos app in Windows 10 has reached build version 2017.39081.15820.0.

Search by Tag, Story Remix and Video Editor are Now Available

This update brings three features that are new to the Photos app: there’s a new search ability: by tags, there’s a Story Remix option that will automatically create a video from your photos and media and the last feature is a video editor that will let you manually create the same thing as the Story Remix does.

Before being released, these three features have been tested by Insiders, then they went to the Release Ring several days ago and will be available to all users that will have the Creators Update.

As all fresh features, some may not work 100%. For example, the Story Remix isn’t properly working, it crashes if you try to click the edit button and cannot let you control it manually.

For the video editor feature, Microsoft is still working on adding 3D features, but for now, it works better than the Story Remix.

You can find all these new features if you check the store and search for new updates.

Windows 10 Fall Creators Update Brings Good News

With the coming of Windows 10 Fall Creators Update, we’ll see more features, as it will be a major update that will include options for the Surface Pen, we’ll see the OneDrive Files on Demand option too, the security will be improved. The gaming experience will also be improved by introducing the ‘Game Mode’ which will make the PC access all its processing power.

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