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iPhone X vs. LG V30 – Putting Apple’s Latest Offering Up To The Test


After a very long waiting period, Apple fans finally received a new device to enjoy and admire. After being speculated and rumored for the better part of 2017, the newest Apple smartphone has finally been revealed. Those that have been patient enough throughout this whole waiting period also received an extra treat. Apple decided that the iPhone 8 and iPhone 8 Plus won’t be enough so they’ve also announced a third option, the iPhone X.

So what’s up with the iPhone X? Since the iPhone 8 and 8 Plus are also coming, it’s hard to put this new model in a category but it might help if you look at it as a no-bezel device. It’s been an ongoing trend for smartphone manufacturers to remove all bezel from their flagships and it seems like Apple has joined in. However, we need more than that to assess this phone’s value, so we’re comparing it to another market marvel, the LG V30.


The first thing you notice with the iPhone X is its gorgeous 5.8 inch display which uses Super Retina OLED technology. It features a max resolution of 2436 x 1125 and comes with a pixel density of 458 ppi.

The LG V30 features a larger 6 inch display and uses P-OLED technology to power up the beautiful screen. Its max resolution is also higher, at 2880 x 1440 and it even comes with a superior pixel density of 537 ppi.

Processing power

Apple fans are delighted about the powerful A11 Bionic, 64-bit architecture processor unit which is featured in the iPhone X, which is supported by a secondary unit, a motion co-processor dubbed the M11. Overall there’s a lot of processor power available here, which is good news.

LG features a Snapdragon processor, more specifically the Snapdragon 835 model which is backed up by the Adreno 540 graphics processing unit. While Apple is using its own chips, LG sticks to the industry standard Qualcomm chip.


Apple’s iPhone X comes with a total of 3 GB of RAM. While it’s not exactly top notch, it’s a sturdy configuration that allows users to go about their mobile business without having to fear bad performance. For most users 3 GB is more than enough.

LG pushes the envelope here with a total of 4 GB of RAM, thus securing an even more reliable experience for the V30 users and one-upping the iPhone X at the same time. While 3 GB should be enough for most daily tasks, having that extra push can come in handy as well.

Camera configuration

The iPhone X features a dual camera setup with dual 12 MP sensors on the back. There is also a 7 MP front-facing camera, equipped with FaceTime HD technology.

LG V30 comes with a dual camera setup as well, but features 16 MP and 13 MP sensors respectively on the back, with a 5 MP unit on the front panel.

Both smartphones are capable of recording 4K video, but Apple’s device can record at 60fps whereas LG’s can only push 30 fps in 4K.


Apple still needs to work on their battery integration as the iPhone X comes with a rather unsatisfying 2716 mAh unit.

LG provides a significantly superior offering with a 3300 mAh unit for its V30 model.

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