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The Importance of Clearing the Google Chrome History


The Internet is such a huge part of the world today. A person who owns computers or any devices that has the capability to connect to the Internet without a doubt regularly connects to the web through the web browsers available. Among the good ones, if not the best is the Google Chrome Browser.

The popularity of the Google Chrome browser is both a blessing and a curse to itself. Why a blessing? Well, since millions of people uses it every day, Google will definitely put it on top of their priority projects and will always have someone take care of it and maintain it. Heck, maybe even further refine and develop it. This means the browser will only get better and better. The flip side would be that since it is popular, malicious minds would always consider the browser to be on their crosshairs. It is a favourite target for hackers to exploit since they naturally will have more potential victims since more people are using it.

All browsers were programmed to collect information from its user for a number of reasons. One reason would be for speed and another would be for the convenience of the user. It is also the intended purpose and function of the browser to receive information from its users whether by typing or by clicking that is especially necessary to collect information that needs to be passed across the Web. It is because of this that security and privacy of the user needs to be taken into consideration by the developers of these browsers.

If you are a Google Chrome user you have to be familiar the Google Chrome History feature so that you can help protect yourself and your important data from those that would want to steal them from you.

Follow these quick and easy steps when it is time for you to clear your browsers history:

  1. Open up the Chrome menu by clicking the menu button just below the exit (x) button on the upper right corner of your browser.
  2. Hover the mouse over to History and click the History menu item.
  3. Or you can press Ctrl + H, which also opens up the History page for the browser.
  4. You will be taken to the Chrome History Page or chrome://history
    1. There is a search bar on the top of the right side pane, which you can use to look for specific webpages that you have visited. This is you useful if you only want to delete specific history items.
    2. You can also individually select a webpage by clicking on the check box on its left. This will bring up a prompt if you want to delete it or not.
  5. On the left side panel you will see a Clear browsing data menu item. If you click this a prompt will show up with more detailed options for you to choose from on how and which browsing history you want to delete.
    1. You can choose the span of time.

(e.g. from the past hour, day, week, month, and forever)

  1. And you can choose what data and browsing history to delete.

(e.g. browsing history, Download history, Cache images and files, Cookies, Passwords, etc.)

If you are unsure of which browser to use, check this article out now.

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