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Windows 10 Start Button Not Working? Here are Quick Fixes


While a lot of users were happy that Windows 10 comes with the Start menu, others are disappointed when the Start button becomes unresponsive or get locked. To fix issues when Windows 10 Start button is not working, we discuss some tips below:

1. If you are not in the habit of doing backs up for your PC or laptop, now is the time to do it. It’s an SOP before applying any fix to your device especially if you have files that you can’t afford to lose.

2. Although a bit moot, turning off your device and then on after a minute or two can actually help a lot. Most Windows 10 start button not working can be fixed by this simple step. It’s no wonder that your IT guy from the office will usually ask if you’ve already tried turning it off and on again before he moves to take a look at your computer.

If it does not get fixed the first time, do it the second time around or restart your device. That might just do the trick – simple and quick!

3. Is your Windows 10 the latest version? This is a crucial factor when it comes to fixing Windows 10 Start button issues. Since Microsoft is always issuing new updates, most problems like this are caused by a small tweak in the software that your version haven’t been able to update yet. Almost all Windows 10 computers are set to automatic updates so that they get up to date whenever new versions are released. But if for some reason you don’t want automatic updates and prefer to do it manually, you can still do so even if the Start menu is not functional.

4. Long press the Windows key on the keyboard and press ‘i’ while you’re holding down the Windows key. The Settings menu will then open and you can set your PC to update from there. Another option (if you’re more on the techie side) is to hold down the R key to launch the Run command. Go to ‘Updates and Security’ to be able to access any Windows 10 update available.


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