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[Download] Google Earth Update with Photos Taken by Other Travelers


Google Earth is one of the most useful apps when it comes to exploring the globe. Whether you are planning a vacation or you just want to take a peek at different countries, Google’s app will allow you to see everything you need. However, there may have been cases where you wanted to learn about the experiences of fellow travelers and get a more personal point of view. The latest Google Earth update will allow you to do that, and it added a crowdsourced photo database. Let’s take a look at this feature.

Photography from various locations

Google’s Local Guides will become a source for photos with this new feature. Pictures shared by people will be added to the Google Earth map and you will be able to see how other people perceive different places. This new update will add circular thumbnails on the 3D app, and you will be able to view them in full screen. We do not know yet how the photos will be picked, but Google revealed that this update will use artificial intelligence algorithms in the selection process.

Activate this new feature

After you update the Google Earth app you will need to manually enable its new feature in order to see the photos. To do that you will need to look at the main menu sidebar and turn on this option. After you do that, you should see the new thumbnails whenever you open the 3D map. You can enlarge them for a full-screen view.

The update is available with the browser version of the app, but also with the iOS app and the Android Google Earth one. We can expect some tweaks for this feature in the future since Google will probably continue to refine it.

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