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The Elder Scrolls 5: Skyrim Switch Launch Release Date


Ever since Nintendo started to add new games to the Switch library, video games enthusiasts awaited the release of The Elder Scrolls 5: Skyrim. Although the game was released back in November 2011, it is still hugely popular in the gaming community and fans will be happy to hear that Nintendo already revealed the release date. The game will come to Switch this year, on November 17, but only in North America and Europe.

This release will also bring some new additions to the game. Players will be able to wear outfits and gear that are taken from The Legend of Zelda game, and they will also be pleased to find out that there will be new features for gameplay that include motion control for lockpicking and combat.

The news made fans hope for an upcoming The Elder Scrolls 6, but the studio did not confirm these rumours and it appears that they have not started to work on the sixth game of the franchise. Therefore, for now players will have to be happy with the Switch release of The Elder Scrolls 5.

More games are on their way

The good news doesn’t stop here. The Switch library will welcome other new titles soon. One of the games is The Wolfenstein 2: The New Colossus and we already know that its release date is October 27, 2017. However, this game will be available for Nintendo Switch in 2018, although it shouldn’t last long. The second title announced by Nintendo is Doom. The game was launched in May last year and we do not have an exact date for the Switch release, but we do know that it will come this holiday. Both games will be available after The Elder Scrolls.

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