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Will We Ever Get A Half-Life 3 Game?


The Half-Life series remains a mystery for most of us. The first game appeared back in 1998, which is twenty years ago. Ever since, fans were left waiting for more. In 2004 Valve released Half-Life 2, but no major update followed after.

Players did indeed receive two short games, Half-Life 2: Episode One and Half-Life 2: Episode Two. However, the last episode ended with a cliff-hanger. Worse than that, there is no way to say for sure when or if Valve will release the third episode. Originally it was supposed to be launched on Christmas 2007.


The episodes

It appears that developers were really planning to use the episodic format in the future. Originally there was one big game, but it was divided into three small episodes. While this is not a problem, more than a decade has passed without receiving news about the last episode.

Is a big game on its way?

While some fans have already lost all hope, others believe that Valve is preparing something big. One of the theories is that Valve is planning to release a full game instead of an episodic one. Since it took six years for Half-Life 2 to be launched, we could understand the delay in this case.

No official news

The last official announcement related to episode 3 was years ago, when Valve released Episode 2 and announced that the following game will be launched during Christmas 2007. Fans did not forget about Episode 3 and Valve has been receiving a lot of questions about the game. However, we did not receive any response.

There was also a rumour around 2007 that Half-Life 2: Episode Four is in the works. According to the sources, the Arkane studio was the one developing it. However, it appears that Valve decided to cancel it mid-development. Could this be a sign that the company abandoned the project? Only time will tell.

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