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Huawei P30 2019: The Smartphone May Feature A Triple Camera Setup In The Rear


We have a new reason to be excited for the Huawei P30 2019. It appears that the smartphone might feature a triple camera in the rear. This information has been tweeted by Evan Blass. His reputation is a good one and his tweets are usually accurate.

“The Huawei P30 promises to be another imaging powerhouse, according to someone who’s seen one: triple rear camera, with a maximum resolution of 40MP and 5x lossless zoom, plus a 24MP selfie cam. And this isn’t even the Pro variant,” tweeted Evan Blass on December 21.


The sensors

He offered some interesting details about the camera of the Huawei P30 2019. It appears that the primary sensor in the back will have a maximum resolution of 40 MP. The smartphone is also coming with a 5X lossless zoom. This feature will solve one of the oldest problems of phone cameras. Normally when you try to zoom into a picture, that image will lose some of its sharpness as the pixel counts vary. However, with a lossless zoom this could be avoided.

It also appears that the front camera will have 24 MP which is once again a lot. If these specifications are real, it appears that Huawei is ready to revolutionize phone cameras. These improvements will definitely improve the quality of the pictures. However, if Huawei manages to bring these enhancements for the Huawei P30, it is hard to imagine what else can they bring for the next phone.

Other rumors

These aren’t the only rumors we heard about Huawei lately. It appears that some critics observed that some of these specs also existed in the Huawei Mate 20 Pro. They claim that Huawei is reusing the same hardware but renaming it and adding a couple of improvements.

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