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WhatsApp Update Will Feature the Option Delete Sent Messages


Let’s say you’ve just sent a weird message to your ex and you regret it the second after you pressed send. You will be able to unsend the message with the new feature in a future WhatsApp Update.

Right now WhatsApp is under tests for this option, with the Beta testing getting closer to the release date. Apparently, the servers can now handle such a task and it’s able to recall the messages that were selected to be unsent.

The option will be called ‘DELETE FOR EVERYONE’ and will soon be available. The message that was sent will be deleted and will no longer be in the Notification Centre.

The ‘DELETE FOR EVERYONE’ feature will be available for both iOS and Android and will make their users more than happy.

Until now there have been rumors starting with February about this feature being a work in process. At that time it was supposed that the developers were making trials in the iOS beta software. Those who enabled or who had access to early beta release found this option in the settings menu where they could enable it.

In the iOS WhatsApp version users will press and hold on that message and get two options which pop in a menu. You will be able to either edit or revoke the message from your conversation. But revoking will be only available if the recipient hasn’t seen that text that you want to delete. You will be able to delete that message anyway but if the recipient has seen it then it will be visible in their conversation.

The ‘DELETE FOR EVERYONE’ option will let you revoke messages that you sent in the last 5 minutes and that haven’t been seen by the recipients. Those messages can either be texts, GIFs, images or videos. You can also revoke sent files that have quoted messages or documents that you’ve attached.

If you consider the 5 minutes window or if the recipient hasn’t seen the message you will still have a chance to delete whatever you considered wrong or inappropriate at that moment.

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