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What Would You Say about a Hybrid Apple Operating System?


If we are talking about the operating system from Apple, we know that Apple iOS 14 is in the working process. Until the iOS 14 will be finished and operating, iOS 13 will be the next release from this year. Also, the company is preparing even for more, the new MacOS 2020. The curious and interesting fact is that Apple wants to run iOS 14 and MacOS 2020 together. That means integrating both their Operating Systems and merges them into a single experience. Let’s see what this means.


Both Operating Systems Merged Together as a Hybrid OS?

The new Operating System will have the split-screen capability which will allow users to work on two full screens at the same time. Of course, the users can use a single screen; the company is making this option available too. At the same time, users will see the app history panel from iPads on this iOS 14 and MacOS 2020 hybrid. The MacOS 2020 hybrid will support touch-screen even with the four-finger gesture. The iOS style widgets and control center are not forgotten in the new hybrid.

How Would It Look?

A German designer, Thomas Weinreich has made a video showing how this merge could look. Many users weren’t pleased with the video of iOS 14 and MacOS hybrid Operating System. The idea of the two being merged into one is not pleasing enough. Of course, the video posted by the German designer is not an official video from Apple. Weinreich believes that the old-school desktop system needs more evolution.

Finally, if Apple will decide and start to plan the integration of both Operating Systems together into a hybrid, maybe they will make it more pleasant for users and efficiently. Until then, we have no other details or confirmations from Apple.

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