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The Best Apps for Mental Relaxation


Phones and mental relaxation seem like they are mutually exclusive. Too much blue light (which you can reduce via filters,) can reduce your melatonin and make it harder to fall asleep. Always  checking your notifications can be a mental stimulation that makes it harder to unwind. Messaging someone until the brink of daylight isn’t good for the mind, either.

With that said, there are many apps you can download that can actually relax you and help you unwind after a long day. Here are some apps that can help you do just that.


White Noise

White noise can help clear your mind of clutter. Many use white noise to help focus at work. Others may put on a fan or the sound of rain to sleep better. There are many reasons for white noise, but either way, we call can agree that they are great for mental relaxation. This app has many sounds, white noises, and binural beats that can keep you relaxed and ready to fall asleep or focus on something else.

YouTube or Spotify

There are definitely videos on YouTube and songs on Spotify that can stimulate you, but at the same time, there are plenty of videos that teach you breathing exercises or calming songs. Making a playlist to mentally unwind is quite easy to do and we think that anyone should try it.


This is a great little mental health app. It teaches you Cognitive Behavioral Therapy, which has been proven to help with your mental health. You can write down all the activities you can do and it helps you figure out how these activities may be affecting your mental health. Keeping a diary is a great way for you to unwind after a long day, and we recommend you try it.


Ah, breathing. As you probably know, meditative breathing can help you quite a bit, and this is an app that can teach you many different breathing techniques. Breathing helps you achieve mindfulness, can calm down anxiety and anger, and helps you fall asleep. This app helps you do it all and gives you ways and resources you can help breathe better.

Mindfulness Daily

Mindfulness involves full awareness of the present, and it has many different mental health benefits, including making you feel relaxed. This is an app that can give you short lessons to help you be more mindful. It’s an app that any mindful person on any level can benefit from, and we highly recommend you try it out if you want more mindfulness in your life.

Yoga Studio

Yoga is great for exercise or for unwinding. This app has many different classes and videos for you to follow. Whether you’re a veteran to yoga or a beginner, you can learn quite a bit from it. Try Yoga Studio out today.

Adult Coluring

As you probably know, coloring is a relaxing activity, and adult coloring books have become more popular because of how advanced they are and how relaxing they can be for one’s mental health. You can find plenty of kids’ coloring books (click here for more information,) but if you want one for adults or a more advanced artist, this is one to try.

Seek Help

If you’re still having problems relaxing, there is no shame talking to a therapist about your questions or concerns. An online therapist can help you if you’re having problems and you can talk to one any time. Sites such as can help with this, and when combined with these apps, can help you improve your mental health by quite a bit.

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