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WhatsApp Download Enables You To Get The Latest Cool Features


There is more than one reason to download the latest version of WhatsApp for your mobile phone. But, the most recent update highlights some new features on WhatsApp Business.

This new version would support landline numbers, a first of its kind with WhatsApp Business. So, customers who would like to contact you via landline would appear within the WhatsApp client.

In this latest update, customers who usually utilize the chat window on websites for businesses will now be able to use WhatsApp to send them a message. Those running small businesses would be able to keep current conversations intact, as it is a standalone app. Moreover, it will be separate from their customers.

The Settings menu also has a couple of sections, the Business Settings and Statistics. The Business Settings allows users to customize their profile page, which includes the addition of a webpage for profile picture, business, and opening hours. The Statistics section, on the other hand, currently shows the overall messages sent, read, delivered, and received. Additional analytics will be rolled out as well in the future.

An automated response also enables users to try to communicate outside business hours. You will not able to download WhatsApp Business as of the moment, but you can try the beta release before the official version will be made available.

WhatsApp has also launched a new Live Location sharing feature you can use in your mobile app. This allows users to share with their contacts their location via end-to-end encryption. This will be on a per chat basis, which will be on a limited amount of time. More so, you will have the ability to stop sharing any time.

If you are with a number of contacts in a WhatsApp chat, you can share their location on the same map if they allow it. Simply select the Share Live Location option by tapping the button below the Location service.

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