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Use Windows 10 Upgrade Assistant To Get The Creators Update


The Windows 10 Upgrade Assistant is a useful tool to install newer versions of Windows 10 to your computer. This would work especially when you opt to upgrade to Windows 10 Creators Update.

The whole process of using this tool is easy to execute. You just need to visit the official download website of the Windows 10 software. You can then follow the instructions from there to install the latest version of Windows 10 on your computer.

Just type this link on your browser and click Enter. Then, click the Update Now button that you can see on the page.

This tool would run compatibility checks for your computer, including the disk space needed to install the update. If everything will go well, you will be given a couple of choices to consider, whether to Upgrade or to Create installation media.

You use the first option, because it will keep your files safe and retains their locations. Likewise, if the process wouldn’t work, you can always revert to Windows 10’s prior version.

The process will take some time to finish, as it will restart a number of times. You can still go on with your tasks, as you can minimize the tool without closing the application.  When the installation completes, you can either reboot your computer right away or postpone to a later time to let the changes take effect.

If you qualify to upgrade to the Windows Creators Update, but not aware which version is installed on your computer, you can check it easily. Just click the Start > System > About buttons consequently.

The About window would show which version or build is installed to your computer. You can proceed upgrading to the Windows 10 Creators update if your version is 1607, OS Build 14393.


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