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[Download] Google Play Store Update Available with New Changes


Google is tweaking almost all of its programs and it appears that now it focused on the Google Play Store. The tech giant is releasing a brand new update that will change completely the User Interface. The new design modifies almost everything, and it makes the app easier to use. Google has already rolled out this new update, but it will probably take a while until it will be available for users all around the globe. If the new Google Play Store version is not available in your region.

Version 8.2.56 changes the interface of the app

It is hard to miss this update since it comes with some visual changes. For example, Microsoft finally acknowledges the importance of games for the Play Store, and they receive more attention. This version replaced the Movies, Music, Books sections with the Games section.

Version 8.2.56 of the Google Play Store also brought several tweaks to the navigation bar. Besides these User Interface changes, the new update also comes with tweaks and bug fixes. You should not ignore this update, because, like most updates, it is meant to boost the performance of the app and it can fix several issues. Go ahead and download it now.

A new Google Play Services version is available as well

Google Play Store is not the only app that is needed if you want a smooth experience when it comes to your games. You also need to make sure that the background service is good enough. And that is exactly what Google Play Services does. If you want to have the best experience you should get the latest update for Google Play Services, version 11.5.30.

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