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Windows 10 Creators Update and What Makes It Tick


Windows 10 is quickly becoming Microsoft’s best operating system ever. And this is not accidental because Microsoft is putting quite a lot of work into constantly developing it. The operating system is now awaiting its third major update, the Fall Creators Update. Before that, we had the Windows 10 Creators Update (sans fall), and before that there was the Anniversary Update. Microsoft’s Director of Program Management detailed in a blog post while the Creators Update is better than the Anniversary Update.

Cable’s post went quite into detail on the entire thing, but let’s see some essential info. In the wake of the release of the much expected Fall Creators Update, let’s see what the original Creators Update improved for Windows 10. According to Cable, the Windows 10 Creators Update improved upon Windows 10’s fundamentals such as:

  • Performance
  • Reliability
  • Security
  • Battery life

Better Battery Life

In fact, the improvement in terms of battery life is described by Cable in all too familiar terms: how long you can watch a film online and offline. Thanks to the Creators Update, Windows 10 users can watch online films for 2.5 percent more time, while offline ones can be viewed for double that. On top of that, the latest version of Microsoft Edge brings an overall 17% improvement in battery life.

But this entire blog post and the information in it seem a bit oddly timed. After all, in just a few short weeks from now, the Windows 10 Fall Creators Update will see light of day. Why is Cable praising the Creators Update just now? Maybe he’s trying to set the scene for its successor, or maybe the Fall Creators Update doesn’t bring much change at all. We’ll just have to wait for the release date and see for ourselves.

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