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Street Fighter V Season 2: Capcom Reveals a New Character


At the South – East Asia Major tournament that took place this last weekend in Singapore, Capcom made an announcement on their Street Fighter V Season 2 new content. They revealed a DLC character, called Zeku.

It was long suspected that Zeku will return in Street Fighter V Season 2, as there have been some leaks with some silhouettes, one of which resembling Zeku.

If you’re not familiar with the game or the character, then you’ll only need to know him as an “ever-changing ninja”, that comes from Street Fighter Alpha 2 as Guy’s teacher. He taught Guy a style of ninjutsu, called Bushinryu. After Guy became the 39th master of Bushinryu and succeeded his master, Zeku disappeared.

In Street Fighter V Season 2, Zeku returns so that he can create a new fighting style and a new group of ninjas.

Capcom has released a trailer in which their old – but also new character, is a fighter that uses kicks, stomps and jabs, being a close-quarters type of fighter. He can and also disappear and reappear in the fights, making him a sneaky fighter. One of his abilities is to switch between two forms, with the other one being an older self, looking similar to Strider Hiryu, as he has blonde hair. Strider Hiryu is a classic Capcom character as well. There are also three versions of costumes for both Zeku’s forms.

If you want to have him, you must pay $6, as it is DLC content, or you can get the Season 2 pass that contains new characters that have been previously introduced: Abigail, Akuma, Ed, Kolin and Menat. The pass will be available on October 24th for $30.

If you’re impatient and you can’t wait for some new content, then there’s another DLC bundle for Street Fighter V that contains costumes for Halloween. There are 13 outfits that turn characters into demons, mummies and other monsters.

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