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Free Download Windows 10: Fall Creators Update


Microsoft has released a new version of Windows 10 with new features focused on daily users. The Fall Creators Update will bring a new Photos app, a Story Remix feature and more.

Here’s what you need to know

The Photos app in the new Windows 10 brings new features for those interested in organizing and editing photos. Another new item call Story Remix will make users lives a lot easier and cool by mixing together photos with videos and create slideshows. It is even possible to mix songs into the slideshow and take it to a whole new level.

The new Windows 10 version does not need a powerful rig to jump into VR. The update has VR included into the operating system and users only need a compatible computer or a headset to use it.

3D objects are also available such as Paint 3D. The Fall creators Update has a new Mixed Reality Viewer able to plug any 3 D object into the world surrounding the user. Fans of 3d and VR will have a blast with this new addition and can experiment seeing their favorite cartoon character walking down the street.

More features

Apart from the fancy 3 D and VR features, the Windows 10 update also brings security fixes. Users will also be able to talk with their Android smartphone, using Microsoft Launcher. For example, a user can start up a memo while in the bus and continue it at the office. eBooks can be annotated in Edge, users can pin their favorite contacts to the taskbar and the update even has better protection against ransomware malicious content.

Users can customize according to their need the computer’s performance and battery life and the new Eye Contro feature will help people with disabilities move the mouse just by looking at it.

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