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New Free Games on Xbox One & Xbox 360 Available Now!


Xbox Live Gold subscribers, rejoice! A new wave of Xbox games showed up on 15 October, and they are all free to play. These games have been previously announced and we already know which are the titles available, but if you haven’t been up to date with these information, then here’s a full list of games available now on all Xbox devices, including future releases.

Xbox One Games

Gone Home has been available from 1 October and will be until 31 October, free to play the whole month. It is a 3D first-person adventure – exploration game developed by Fullbright, featuring a Sci – Fi theme.

Coming today on Xbox One is The Turing Test and it will be free to play until 15 November. This is a first – person puzzler in a science fiction story that will put your mind to work and develop your logical thinking. Users have rated it five stars in their reviews, comparing this game to Portal and appreciating the story and its puzzles.

On 15 October Oxenfree stopped being free to Xbox Live Gold subscribers, as it completed its free month.

Xbox 360

Electronic Arts’ Medal of Honor: Airborne is now available on Xbox 360, starting today and it will be free to play until October 31. If you’re into war games and shooters, you can ‘turn the tide of WWII’ in Medal of Honor: Airborne, as the Xbox review mentions. You can play online against enemies that are connected through Xbox LIVE and experience three modes and three different gaming experiences.

Before Medal of Honor: Airborne started being available as a free game to Xbox Live Gold subscribers, Rayman 3 HD was up for free from the beginning of October until 15 October.

So, if you’re looking for some new games to play, you can try these out, if you’re a Gold subscriber on Xbox Live.

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