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How to Prevent Adobe Flash Player from Crashing in Firefox


Using Adobe Flash Player is still a necessity in many cases and it will be a long time before all traces of Adobe’s software are erased from the internet. With that said, it can be very frustrating when your browser notifies you that Adobe Flash Player has crashed. Especially if you’re trying to view important content, this can be very bad news for you. Luckily, there are a few known causes and solutions for this sort of problem. Check below to see how you can make sure that your browser won’t helplessly inform you that Flash has crashed.

Updating Flash

The first step you have to make is making sure that your version of Flash is up to date. The best place for this is the official Adobe website. Here, you can not only update to the latest version of Flash, but also check to see if you already have it installed. This can save you a lot of time. Using an outdated version of Flash is not just dangerous from a security perspective but also a pretty common reason for which Flash can crash and cause problems.

Disabling the Hardware Acceleration feature

Hardware Acceleration is, as the name implies, a feature that is meant to help your performance and give you better results while using Flash. Unfortunately, it has the habit of causing more problems than it solves. For many users, it’s a feature that needs to be disabled otherwise it can lead to crashes and whatnot. To disable Hardware Acceleration for Flash, you need to right click on a Flash window and open the Settings tab in the context menu. From there, you just have to uncheck the option that says Enable hardware acceleration.

Disabling protected mode for Flash

Another solution would be to disable what is called the Protected Mode for Flash. This can be done by clicking on the 3-line menu icon in the top corner and then navigating to the Add-Ons section. From there, you can easily access the Plugins section from the Add-on manager. In the plugins section, look for Shockwave Flash. The next step is to click on the Options button and uncheck the option that says Enable Adobe Flash Protected Mode.

Starting fresh

After you’ve made these changes, it’s important that you give your browser a clean slate to start on. Close the browser completely in order for the changes to take full effect. Afterwards you can open Firefox again and try viewing Flash content. The above modifications will have most likely fixed the issue, and you are now able to enjoy your favorite Flash content without Flash suddenly crashing and ruining your experience.

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