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Adobe Flash Player Is Going Down


Adobe Flash Player used to be one of the most important pieces of software to have, and this is because it supported most of our online browsing. Adobe Flash Player functions on ActiveScript, a form of coding that is used to make interactive media such as video, animations or even games work in Flash. But there is a reason why we used the past in the first sentence, and that is because Adobe Flash Player has transformed from necessity to liability over the last couple of years.

Yes, that program that we all used to browse the Internet successfully is now the number one most loathed piece of software in the world. And why? Well, because it’s buggy, glitchy and even downright dangerous. Adobe Flash Player is singlehandedly responsible for the spread of a wide array of malware and viruses. When Apple was the first to boycott it in 2010 via an open letter written by CEO Steve Jobs himself, many criticized the Cupertino tech giant for its harsh decision. But now we’re all finally coming to terms with the fact that Adobe Flash Player is simply bad and needs to die out.

Bye Bye Adobe Flash Player

Fortunately, Adobe has finally heard our cries. Thus, the once-esteemed developer now plans to phase out Adobe Flash Player entirely by the year 2020. So just three short years from now, we will finally rid ourselves of the plague that is Adobe Flash Player. In the meantime, what you can do for yourself and your personal security is to stop using Adobe Flash Player. You have that option now. Just switch out to HTML5 entirely and leave this bad dream behind once and for all.

Adobe Flash Player will be gone by 2020, and with it so will be a big part of Internet history. But even so, Adobe Flash Player will not be missed.