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Pokemon Ultra Sun And Ultra Moon News And Surprises


Pokemon Ultra Sun/ Ultra Moon is the upcoming Nintendo game that will take place in the Pokemon universe. Since the Pokemon franchise is still hugely popular, and this has also been proved by the raging success of Pokemon Go last summer, it makes sense that Nintendo is focusing on it. And by the looks of it, Pokemon Ultra Sun/ Ultra Moon will manage to impress the players.

The upcoming Pokemon game will be launched on November 17 for 3DS (while Pokemon Gold and Silver will also be released for 3DS on September 22), but we are getting some early details. Recently a new trailer appeared, and it revealed many changes in the game.

In this version of the Alola the map has been modified. On the website we can read that there are some additions, such as “new buildings and landscapes” and some mysterious “ominous clouds are spreading in the sky” as well. This game will represent an alternate version for the previous ones.

The trailer also shows Dusk Form Lycanroc, the most recent form available for the wolf Pokemon. And if you loved it in the trailer there is some good news: you will get a special Rockruff that is able to evolve into Dusk Form Lycanroc if you buy the game before January 10.

The gamers’ avatars will also receive a complete makeover. In the trailer you can take a closer look at the newest avatars that were modified specifically for this new installment.

The website has also revealed some important information. As it turns out, the latest Pokemon video game will also get Z-moves that become available once the player receives a Z-Power Ring. Pokemon Ultra Sun/ Ultra Moon will also contain more Z-moves compared to the previous installments.

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