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New Chrome Beta Update Comes with New Changes


The latest Chrome Beta update is here and it brought some small improvements with it. Dev has been replaced earlier this year and now it is time for Beta to make its own changes.

New features

The new Beta version (v61.0.3163.51) now allows you to use various swipes that perform different functions. For example, any kind of swipe will show a menu at the bottom of the screen where you can find Home, Bookmarks, Downloads and History. Do a half-swipe on the address bar in order to access your website shortcuts and a full-swipe in order to make a news page come up. With the recent update you will also find the “New Tab” on the half-swipe screen on the left.

Address bar moved to the bottom

One important feature that comes with this update is the bottom address bar. The bar has been moved months ago in Chrome Dev but now it appears that the change is for good. If you get the update you will notice the address bar in its new location, at the bottom of the screen. While it did move from its top position, the layout of the bar is the same one.

While it is a fresh touch, it may be a bit confusing at first and you will probably need some time to get used to this change. However, with this new update it appears the bottom address bar is here to stay.

How to put back the address bar

If you find this change annoying we have good news for you: there is a way to put the address bar back where it used to be. To do that, go to chrome://flags. After you opened it, look for “Chrome Home” and switch the address bar from “Default” to “Disabled”.

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