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Pokemon Go Version 0.79.3 APK Update is Available for Download


When Pokemon Go first came out back in July 2016, the entire world went outside and started capturing pocket monsters together. The mobile game is being developed by Niantic Labs and one of the main reasons behind its success is the fact that its age demographic extends from teenagers to adults. Everyone grew up watching Pokemon on TV and Niantic Labs is giving people an opportunity to live their childhood dream of catching Pokemon.

Another reason why Pokemon Go is always siting in the top three most download mobile games at all time is because Niantic Labs makes sure to keep rolling out new updates every other week. These updates usually contain new features and bug fixes which serve only one purpose, and that’s to keep Pokemon Go fans from getting bored with the game.

Pokemon Go 0.79.3 APK Update

As previously mentioned, Niantic Labs loves to roll out updates. The developer recently published a new APK update for Pokemon Go which brings the game’s version up to 0.79.3. The update is quite large, weighing in at 91.19MB and it is targeted towards Android 6.0 Marshmallow powered devices. However, the update also supports a minimum of Android 4.4 KitKat.

Bug Fixes

Sadly, this new update doesn’t contain any new Pokemon or cool game features. Although, this update includes a bunch of bug fixes which makes it a top priority for Pokemon Go fans to download it as soon as possible. Even though the update’s changelog doesn’t mention which are the bugs it takes care of, fans should still download it because it enhances the game stability.

Innovative Mobile Game

Pokemon Go is the first mobile game to make the player’s environment and surroundings an important gameplay factor. What we mean by this is that a player that’s living next to a lake is going to be more likely to find water type Pokemon. Nonetheless, this is just one of the innovative features that make Pokemon Go stand out from the rest.

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