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Clash of Clans October 2017 Update: What to Expect


If you are a fan of the game Clash of Clans then you know that updates usually mean potential shifts in attack strategies, defense strategies, and even unit preferences and optimal combinations. This year’s October update is an exciting one and brings a lot of new debate on how to fortify a base as well as how to orchestrate a successful attack.

Supercell’s Clash of Clan is one of the most successful and viral online strategy games that have captured the hearts of mobile gamers worldwide.

This new October update features new improvements on some of the playable units on COC and a few defense buildings in a move to try and balance out the gameplay. The units that received an update include the Golem, and the Valkyrie, and while the defense buildings that were updated are the Bomb Tower and the Air sweeper.

The Golem which is a tank of a unit can easily take a lot of damage. Once defeated, it explodes into two Golemites that both have a fifth of the original Golem’s strength and hit points. This October update allows you to upgrade the Golem to a Level 7 provided that you have a Townhall level 11.

The Valkyrie, a beautiful but fierce warrior has the ability to hit several buildings with one (whirlwind) blow. In this update, once you are in Townhall level 11, the Valkyrie gets to be upgraded up to level 6 and will have the initial V on her head.

For the defense buildings, the Bomb Tower gets to be upgraded to level 6 and now appears to be gold plated, while the Air Sweeper gets to be level 7 (and that will be its max level). In addition, with this update will allow 25 more wall segments to be upgraded to level 12. All the mentioned building upgrades are only possible at Townhall level 11.

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