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Pokémon Go New Features: Pokémon Trading and 1v1 Battles


When Pokémon Go launched we’d all think we had a chance on battling other players and collecting Pokémon as we used to in the original games. But Pokémon Go has been quite different and as it still evolves, we are going to get new features.

Tsunekazu Ishihara, the president of Pokémon Company has confirmed that Pokémon Go will get more features as right now they have accomplished only 10% of what they aim to do. They will include Pokémon trading and 1v1 battles and many more features that are fundamental to the Pokémon franchise.

Although many features have been officially shown in trailers, Niantic hasn’t introduced them yet, focusing on others such as Raid Battles and some functional issues in the Gyms.

Pokémon Trading will Solve Local Spawn Issues

Tatsuo Nomura, Product Manager at Pokémon Go, has added in an interview this spring that the trading will take place with nearby players, in person, and not at long distances. Through trading, players will solve the local spawn issues.

Tsunekazu Ishihara has talked about how to virtually populate the globe with Pokémon. One way was placing for example the cold climate Pokémon in that exact environment but the users who lived in tropical environments wouldn’t be able to get them. They are working on balancing the game though, while also making everything have some sense.

1v1 Battles Might Determine Users to Rejoin Pokémon Go

Other issues regard trading and 1v1 battles as a more social way of interacting. This will allow users to play with others and not just near others, sharing the experience together. The new features might bring back a lot of users that stopped playing the game. They might be willing to rejoin it in order to fight against others. Until now Pokémon Go has lost about 80% of their player base since it reached a peak of over 60 million from their monthly active users.

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