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Pokémon Go Raid Eggs and Raid Strategy


Raid Eggs are Back in Pokémon Go

Raid eggs have returned to Pokémon Go, at least for now. There have been players who saw a Legendary Raid Egg in a gym at Bay Bridge in San Francisco. There is a possibility that Niantic has planned this as a test Ex Raid.

Raid Eggs and Raid Strategy so Far

Latest news have reported that Raid Eggs are back again for all Raids. The legendary egg hatched a Raikou.

At the beginning raid eggs usually appeared before a Raid, giving players two hours to get to tell as many friends as they could about the egg and get there before it would hatch.

But the eggs suddenly disappeared from Pokémon Go without any notice. It happened once Legendary Pokémon were introduced in the game. There have been glitches with Raid Eggs being above gyms instead of Raid Bosses, but they would disappear fast.

The First Official Legendary Raid Egg in Pokémon Go Was in San Francisco

Now the Raid Egg which was seen in San Francisco is the real deal, it’s officially the first Legendary Raid Egg in Pokémon Go. The egg is metallic and has stripes on it, looking the same as it was designed in July and which wasn’t used anymore. So far the strategy included a Raid Egg spawning in a gym and having a countdown to its hatching. As soon as it would hatch, the Raid would begin and players would have to defeat the boss in one hour.

Currently, Pokémon Go is testing EX Raids and we’re all going to wait for a few more days and see if Niantic is really bringing back Raid Eggs after they’ve started testing them. Will Niantic make Raid Eggs a temporary feature or are they here to stay with us? Only time and official reports will tell!

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