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The Offer on Updating Windows 10 S to Windows Pro Has Been Extended


Windows 10 S is a good OS for devices such as Surface Laptop or some PCs. It gives the user access only to Windows Store apps and this might be an issue for those who want more from an OS.

Windows 10 is the latest and the last version of OS for desktop, mobile devices and others such as Surface Laptop.

In order to benefit from a full Windows OS experience, users who have a Windows S can opt for an upgrade to Windows Pro. The upgrade was first announced to be free up until the end of 2017 for those who purchased a Windows 10 S computer which was $799 or higher or for schools. If you didn’t fit either category, then you would have paid $49 for the upgrade.

Latest news on upgrading Windows 10 S to Windows Pro focuses on business users being able to get the upgrade with the period being extended to 31 March 2018.

Microsoft insists that Windows 10 S is the most secure OS, but too many functions are cut off the platform. They hope that by extending the offer users will sign up for the Windows 10 S version and check it out for themselves and later upgrading it to Windows Pro.

Other Microsoft News

Recent Microsoft news shows us an official announcement of Windows 10 Fall Creators Update which will be available as a free upgrade on 17 October.

The executive vice-president of Windows and devices, Terry Myerson, announced this update and some of its features. Users will be able to create 3D effects with photos and videos, gaming, accessibility and security will be enhanced and Windows Mixed Reality will also bring new experiences to the table. Users will also get to purchase different devices in order to experience some of the features.

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