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Pokemon GO: Halloween is Getting Closer and It’s Magical!


Niantic has been working a lot on bringing more events to Pokemon Go and we’ve seen them through different places in the world, in Raids and with the new Pokemon that have been added.

Right now, there’s a new event that started on 21 October: it’s the Halloween event that introduced new Pokemon. Until today, there have been various reports of players getting a hold onto one of the announced Pokemon for this event: Duskull!

Shiny Pokemon, Double Candy and More Ghost-Type Pokemon!

The new, creepy and also cute Pokemon was found by a player on 26 October, at 10:46 PM. He found a shiny Duskull, meaning that he got a Duskull that has a different costume – similar to a Santa Pikachu.

The shiny skin is very rare, and we will see three Pokemon getting it: Shuppet – Banette, Sableye (shiny) and Duskull – Dusclops (shiny).

There have been some shiny Pikachu and Magikarp out there, but we haven’t heard of any lucky players to have found at least one of these two.

The shiny Duskull was found in Netherlands, where it should be available worldwide. The player that got it, posted on YouTube a video with his journal, showing that he caught Duskull (and then Shuppet), and that his version is the shiny rare skin, which we can see in his Pokedex.

We will also get a chance to catch a Pikachu that wears a Witch hat – for the Halloween event, of course. This Pikachu will not be shiny. You will only see shiny Pokemon for the five new ones that come from the Hoenn region, and they will be generation three Pokemon. We don’t know yet when Niantic is planning on releasing them – it is all a secret, apparently.

In this event, players will be able to get double candy and more chances to catch any ghost-type Pokemon, such as Ghastly, Cubone, Misdreavus and more!

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