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Chrome for Android Update Will View Saved Passwords


The Android version of Google Chrome is very efficient and it receives constant updates. However, this does not mean that it had all the necessary features. One thing that was noticeably missing was the ability to see saved passwords. Google Chrome users already know that this feature is available in the browser version, but not in the Android app. However, it is no longer the case.

Android app will allow users to see saved apps

The feature will come for the Android version, in Chrome 63. This means that you will be able to view all the stored passwords. Every time you agree to save the login username and password for a site the sign-in fields will be automatically completed the next time you access the site. This process helps you save time.

This feature is a nice addition, because before this, if users wanted to see their passwords they had to go to the official Google site for passwords. There they would have to re-authenticate themselves, by singing in to Chrome with the Google account.

How to view your passwords in Chrome

Here is what you have to do if you want to take advantage of the new feature. Open the Google Chrome application, go to the Chrome menu, go to Settings and select Save passwords. There you should be able to see a list of sites where you have saved passwords. You will also be able to see every password by tapping the website.

If you wish to delete one password, simply click the trash icon that can be found in the right of the screen. In order to see and/or delete your passwords you will need to confirm your lock screen security.

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