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Fallout 4 Mods, Back on Track – More About Cascadia


In case you haven’t heard about it until now, Fallout Cascadia is the name of a very ambitious overhaul mod designed for Fallout 4. It is currently under development, and a dozen people from the modding community team are currently working on it. Even some veterans that have worked on the Beyond Skyrim project (an expansion one) are included in this plan.

More about Cascadia

Cascadia is, in fact, a completely independent entry in what is the post-apocalyptic RPG series. It takes place a couple of decades after the previous Fallout games, namely in the year 2329, somewhere in the ruins of what used to be Seattle. It doesn’t let you import any characters you have in Fallout 4, and for a good reason: in Cascadia you will have to make use of the classic skills system that was used in the game. The system has been previously removed with quite some controversy along with the release of the fourth game.

Cascadia Features

Mathias Dejerud, who is the project lead for Cascadia, has posted on a subreddit for Fallout Mods an image of the UI they are using for the system. You can see on the right the classic skills, such as Guns, Medicine and Speech. On the left side, you will notice the character perks, which you can view and select. It does in fact remind us of Fallout 3 and Fallout: New Vegas.

The team also added that Cascadia will include skill checks and if you have enough value in one or more skills, then you will be able to unlock a unique dialogue that opens up extra options for some quests. You will also see that the skills and stats will be integrated with the gameplay and also with the character interaction as well.

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