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No Man’s Sky Atlas Rises New Update – New Fixes and Improvements


If you’re a video game fan, then you already know what No Man’s Sky is, and you’ve also heard of the entire debacle surrounding its launch. In fact, you might have even played No Man’s Sky at some point during the year of its existence. And you were most likely disappointed, just like the rest of us. No Man’s Sky is a game that promised many things before it launched. But then it failed to deliver them. Unlike Mass Effect: Andromeda which we all knew was terrible ever since the first trailer came out, No Man’s Sky actually tried to sell us paradise under the guise of a game, and we all thought it was true.

And then when it came out, our enthusiasm fell flat even faster than it was born. No Man’s Sky ultimately failed to deliver the amazing infinite universe it claimed to place within our grasp. Most of the planets in it were empty or just plain old boring. Still, from an aesthetic point of view, No Man’s Sky is a beautifully executed game in spite of its many flaws. And now it’s getting a new update slash expansion. But does it fix anything?

Atlas Rises

No Man’s Sky: Atlas Rises is the new update for No Man’s Sky that is being put out. So naturally we can’t help but wonder: does it fix the game? Does No Man’s Sky: Atlas Rises make No Man’s Sky what it promised to be? Well, the short answer is no. But No Man’s Sky: Atlas Rises didn’t actually plan on fixing the game from that point of view. In fact, it’s a great departure from the initial narrative of the game. So No Man’s Sky: Atlas Rises is another game entirely, with another storyline and different objectives.

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