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Night Mode Has Been Added To WhatsApp for iOS


WhatsApp is a very popular mobile messaging application with over 1.2 billion users in total and 200 million of them are from India. While the application is awesome and most of the users are pleased with it, there is a feature that it had to be fixed. This was the camera built-in application that the WhatsApp application comes with, which was not able to capture any decent photos in the dark.

The new feature is called “Night Mode” and it has been spotted in the WhatsApp translation page and it seems that it is designed to improve photos that are taken in low light conditions. In order to enable the Night Mode on the WhatsApp application, you will just need to tap on the crescent moon icon that’s located at the top-right corner, which is next to the flash toggle.

After tapping that icon, the Night Mode feature will be activated and the photos that are taken will be brighter than before. However, keep in mind that the Night Mode icon will appear by default only when the camera sensor detects low light conditions. In other words, even if you activate the feature, it will not function if there are no low light conditions.

However, once it appears, it will be inactive by default and you will have to turn it on by tapping on it. Then the icon color will change to yellow, letting you know that the Night Mode has been activated. Unfortunately, this feature is only available for photos, meaning that you still can’t make decent videos in low light conditions. Currently, the Night Mode feature is available for WhatsApp on the iOS platform, but it is expected to be added to the Android sometime in the next days.

There are more new features that are expected to be added to the WhatsApp application and one of them is “Video Conference,” a feature that will finally allow you to make video calls with two or more users at the same time on this application.

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