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New MacBook 2019 Series With Intel 10nm Sunny Cove Chips


It’s almost 2019 and we’re all very excited about the things that are to come next year. Some of those things are some certain devices from Apple’s laptop lineup: MacBook 2019, MacBook Air 2019 and MacBook Pro 2019.

As we’ve heard, Apple’s soon-to-hit-the-market MacBook Air and MacBook Pro will have Intel’s 10-nanometer (nm) Sunny Cove processors. The other device will have a new accessory for laptop, that’s going to support the best of the new USB-C standard, with a MagSafe connector.


Intel in 2019

According to some sources, Intel is moving to the Sunny Cove microarchitecture, which means that it will move from 14nm to 10nm. The 10nm was made to increase the performance and to improve the power efficiency. However, we come with a more interesting upgrade: the Gen11 graphics, which will come with double the performance of Gen9 graphics. With Gen11, it will get a great boost, when it comes to gaming and media apps. Also, the Gen11 execution cores will get an increase, to 64 to 24. And we’ll get to see all of this in the next Ice Lake processors, that’s going to be based on Sunny Cove.

Why is this relevant to Apple?

In 2018, we’ve heard that Apple wants to use its own chips in the Mac computers starting with 2020, to replace all the processors from Intel. Assuming this will really happen, the Macs from 2019 will get Intel’s latest processors.

However, MacBook Air 2019 is going to use the next in line after the 7-watt Y series Amber Lake. If the MacBook Air 2019 will come with a low-powered Y series processor, then it could reap the earning from the move to the smaller 10nm chips, that can, to be fair, improve the characteristics.

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